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Hollywood Global Entertainment Network™ (HGEN)

HGEN Reps at work in Cannes

Hollywood Global Entertainment Network (HGEN) is an exciting, ground-breaking, online exclusive networking membership club, which was successfully launched at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. HGEN housed its offices at the Carlton Hotel. Read more.

HGEN is designed to bring together creative, technical and funding elements from all over the world, with an interest or involvement in film, television and music. "Just a mouse clique away," HGEN helps members make connections and enhance career and employment opportunities beyond their borders. 

Over 700 people attended
HGEN's Introductory Party in LA

HGENers can browse through and participate in a variety of exceptional forums connecting with others of like interests, and providing an exclusive environment that allows them to network, brainstorm, collaborate and forge partnerships, online and through a myriad of international HGEN (networking) events. The HGEN forums address a variety of professions within the entertainment industry.  Members can also network by continent, region, country or category. The service that HGEN offers is not available anywhere else.

Sandra Lord

HGEN is all about personal relationships.  The organization seeks to establish a sense of community amongst members, whether they are striving to attain or maintain a certain level of success. Members are encouraged to collaborate and hire from within, wherever and whenever possible. Members are also pro