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Guidelines for the Hollywood Networking Breakfast™
Held in Los Angeles, California



PAYMENT METHODS: Submitting Reservations and Payments
Payments are by check or money order only. We do not accept credit cards, fax, email or telephone reservations. Click here for policy on bounced or returned checks.

For our attendance list and for security purposes, you must list your contact phone number and the full legal names of all guests who are paid for on your check (including yours). You should also indicate if you or your guests wish to use a performing or professional name on your name tags. Please note that if you do not provide us with a telephone contact number, you will be accepting full responsibility for our inability to notify you in case of a change in venue, a local or national emergency or other unforeseen emergency.


"On-Time" Reservations: $40 per person for full breakfast. Checks or money orders must be postmarked by the published deadline date (usually one week prior to the event) in order to be considered "on time." Payments for the Los Angeles Hollywood Networking Breakfast should be made payable to: Changing Images In America. Send by deadline to: Changing Images In America, P.O. Box 2688, Hollywood, CA 90078. (Tel: 323-465-9800).

COMPANY CHECKS: If you are sending us a company check, please indicate for whom the reservation is to be made. If your check has more than one name printed on the check, please indicate for whom the reservation is to be made. In effect, always tell us in whose name(s) the reservation is to be made when you send in your check, including any "stage names" that you or your guests use.

Confirmed Reservations: Your check, sent in by the postmarked deadline, is your confirmation. We do not mail tickets or call you to confirm receipt of your check.

LATE RESERVATIONS: Mail, Phone and Walk-in Policy

By Mail -- If you mail your check any time after the postmark deadline, it will be considered a "late" reservation, and your check should reflect the additional $5 charged for late reservations, making the check total $45. If your check is late and is made for only $40, you will be charged the additional $5 late fee when you arrive. We will not be responsible if you mail your check after the postmark deadline and we do not receive it in time to include you on our reservations list.  (See information below on “pre-confirmed late reservations by phone.")

By Phone -- Pre-confirmed Late Reservations
As a courtesy to people who wish to attend the breakfast but for whom it is too late to mail a check (even a "late" check), we have a good faith "Pre-confirmed Late Reservations List." To get on this list, you must speak with someone in our office to arrange to attend the breakfast, as there are certain guidelines. Pre-confirmed late reservations extend the final count and they are included in the final extended count we give to our venue and, therefore, are considered a firm commitment by you. The price for a pre-confirmed late reservation is $45, cash only. (See information below on “walk-ins”.)

A Word of Advice: Please do not make a "pre-confirmed late reservation" for someone for whom you will not be paying. If you will not be financially responsible for payment, have that individual call in their own reservation.

If you attend a Hollywood Networking Breakfast held at the Wyndham Bel Age Hotel, without a reservation or a pre-confirmed late reservation (see above), the price will be $50 - cash only. Unfortunately, for breakfasts held at Paramount Studios, we are not able to accept "unexpected walk-ins."

The State of California provides sign language interpreting services for the hearing impaired through the Media Access Office/EDD. YOU MUST REQUEST THE INTERPRETER ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. For more information re: interpreting services, contact the Media Access Office/EDD at (818) 752-1196; (818) 753-3426 fax; (818) 753-3427 TTY.
There will be a $25 charge for every bounced or returned check. When you bounce a check, we not only incur bank charges, we also must pay for your breakfast. If your check is returned for nonpayment, you will be liable for bank fees, reimbursement of your breakfast and you will also be required thereafter to pay by money order (by mail), or cash only at the door, after having your reservation pre-approved.
Note: If we receive a returned check from you, and you do not make good on the check plus the charges, you will not be allowed back into the breakfast. If we make a good faith late reservation for you and you do not honor it or make good on it, you will not be allowed back into the breakfast.
When we make a commitment to our venue for a specific number of people and meals, we make that commitment based on your commitment to us. Our venue will not allow rollovers for no-shows, so we do not permit rollovers. Here are our guidelines:
• Reservations are non-refundable.
• A reservation may be transferred to someone else for the date paid for only.
• No-shows cannot be rolled over to another Breakfast.
Business casual attire required. We provide a professional setting, so no jeans or t-shirts allowed. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Due to heightened security measures, if you are not recognized as a breakfast regular, you will be required to show a valid and current photo identification, to be admitted to the breakfast. When sending in your check, you must list your full legal name as it appears on your I.D. You must also indicate if you wish to use a performing or professional name on your name tag. You are also asked to provide certain contact information with your reservation (see #1 above). We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
PARKING: $4 discounted valet parking is available at the Wyndham Bel Age Hotel. Side street parking is also available around the hotel. When the event is held at Paramount Studios, parking is free, where available on the studio lot.
It's great that you come to the Hollywood Networking Breakfastto hear and make contact with the guest speaker. However, you should also consider attending because of the people whom a particular speaker might attract, whether the speaker is in your field of interest or not. Also, make it a priority to get the contact information of the speaker and others in whom you are interested before you leave. The breakfast is an extremely time consuming event and it is impossible to return phone calls about a past breakfast.
Guest speakers' attendance is confirmed at the time of all publications and notifications. In case of a cancellation by our guest speaker, we reserve the right to provide a substitute speaker of a caliber in keeping with our established standards. Our "no refund" and "no rollover" policy for all reservations will apply.  For detailed information on this month's breakfast speaker in L.A. click here.
In an effort to help you get your checks in on time, we will send an email of the current month's breakfast information, and two reminder emails, to give you ample notice and time to meet the postmark deadline.


If you would like to be added to our e-mail list, click here:

Please be sure to include your name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail, and company and/or profession (in the body of your email message) and company and/or profession to for our records. All information is strictly confidential. Please reference the breakfast in your subject line and do NOT send your information as an attachment.

More information about the Hollywood Networking Breakfast held in Los Angeles can be obtained by calling: (323) 465-9800 or visiting the website. Info about the Hollywood Networking Breakfast, including speaker information can also be found right here at: