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Professional Membership

 Membership Fees, Requirements & Benefits:

 Annual Membership Fees:  $125 USD


 Overall Requirements:  

Membership is reserved for individuals with a minimum of two years professional experience in the entertainment industry, endorsed by two accredited "industry" business references. This includes independent filmmakers. Professional Memberships can be by invitation from HGEN management, HGEN member referral or sponsorship, or individual submission. Professional Membership also includes Free Trial Members and Honorary Members.

 Free Trial Memberships:   Trial Members are allowed to be part of the HGEN community, free of charge, for a limited time (up to twelve months).  Trial memberships are a "one-time only" opportunity and are open to new prospective Professional Members only. Individuals who qualify for professional membership and who wish to register for the free trial may simply check that option on the New Member Application, complete and submit the membership application.


Note: HGEN reserves the right to terminate the membership of any Professional Member participating as a free trial member, at any time during the free trial membership period, if that member is not participating in the forums, or, if that member does not subscribe to the forum rules, premise or community spirit of Hollywood Global Entertainment Network.


 Honorary Membership:  Honorary Memberships are by invitation from HGEN Management only and are extended to those individuals whose accomplishments and stature in the entertainment community can contribute significantly to HGEN.  Invited Honorary Members are entered into the system and require a previously-provided code to activate membership.



 Professional Membership Benefits:



To maintain a professional environment in the HGEN forums, full access is limited to Professional Members only. Professional Members can browse through and participate in a myriad of exceptional forums that address a variety of professions within the entertainment industry. The forums are designed to foster networking, brainstorming, collaborations, connections, career opportunities and friendships. Members can network by profession, continent, region or country.


  • Opportunity to be part of an exclusive global membership club with an emphasis on networking, collaborating and hiring from within

  • Personal ID Membership Access Card

  • Opportunity to post:                                              

Contact Information
Email Address
Link to Website (subject to approval)

  • Exclusive “members only” events and opportunities

  • Free or reduced admission to HGEN events (national and international)

  • Discounted products and services

  • Subscription to HGEN Newsmagazine, with access to “Members Only” articles, features and opportunities


  • Full Access to HGEN Exclusive Forums:

    All Forums include: New Members Lounge; Producers/Directors; Writers Alliance and Log Lines; Actors Alliance; Animation; Music; Collaborations; Women Helping Women; Crew; Development & Production Execs; Attorneys/Agents/Managers/Casting; Member Services; Hollywood Christian Network & Other Spiritual Groups; Hollywood Players (featuring power players interviewed specifically for HGEN members; HGEN On The Move (updates on HGEN activities and HGEN Members).